There are plenty of activities for everyone in and around Cimaja, more than enough to keep you well and truly occupied.  There is usually even a band to go and see in Cimaja on weekends.

Maybe you’d like to head back to Pelabuhan Ratu, and go to the market or do some shopping.  You can also check out the fishing port or even organise a deep-sea fishing trip.  There is a great night market too.

A few km further south are the famous bat caves of Goa Lalay.  There are thousands and thousands of small bats day flying out in a seemingly endless cloud from about 5 pm every day.  Seeing them in person can be a once in a lifetime experience.

You’ll also really love the hot springs at Cipanas, a few km from Cisolok, west of Cimaja.  It’s like a really big open-air sauna, with huge jets of hot water shooting up into the air and raining down into the river like a giant hot shower.  It’s a great experience, especially after a day at the beach.

You can even go trekking in the Gunung Halimun national park where there are beautiful forests, river gorges, waterfalls and wildlife.  For more details try this site:

Tours are available, and a guide is obviously essential.  By the way the advice is not to go there in the wet season.  White-water rafting trips in the Citarik River can also be arranged.

While you’re in the area,  why not learn about the legendary Nyai Roro Kidul, the beautiful mermaid spirit-queen?  And remember not to wear green, as you may anger her and bring misfortune upon yourself.  Read about the legend here: