Surf in Cimaja

Cimaja is the home of one of Indonesia’s best surf breaks, often just called Cimaja.  There are a number of surf spots near Cimaja also, many of them suitable for intermediate surfers or even beginners.

The waves at Cimaja are some of the nicest right-handers in Indonesia.  The break is somewhere between a point and a reef break, with round rocks along the shoreline.  Cimaja itself doesn’t have sandy beaches.

Cimaja is a fun wave up to 4 or 5 ft, but it becomes a bit more challenging above this.  On the right day it produces some great barrels.  When it’s really big, surfing Cimaja can be more serious.

Some of the most talented surfers in Indonesia, and surfers from around the world, can be seen ripping.  Cimaja has hosted the Indonesian surfing titles and other surf contests.

While you’re here, why not have some close-up shots taken of you and your friends surfing the point by the local surf photographers?

West Java Surf Seasons

The dry season from around April through to November, with its SE trade winds, is probably the best season for surf.  It can get pretty big at times.  Mornings are great for surf, but another tip is the late afternoon glass-off.

But there are waves here in the off-season too.  From around December to March the winds tend to be W to NW.  It doesn’t rain every day, and it can be a lot less crowded.  The surf is still very consistent, if a bit smaller.



Surf Near Cimaja

We can direct you to nearby beach breaks and reef breaks, some of them a bit softer.  We know all the local secret spots, and where to go when the swell, wind and tide change.

Just up the road is Indicators, a fast hollow right.  Check the photo above.  Some other nearby spots include Sunset Beach, a great option when it’s a bit smaller.  If it’s big, there are options like Karang Sari and Karang Haji.

Loji is another great setup, not too far away.  When Cimaja is big, it might be time to head there.  This wave, a left, just goes on and on.

For all the details on local surf spots please check out these sites: