Transport to Cimaja can be a big hassle. It can take all day: From Jakarta you can take a bus (from Kampung Rambutan station) or a train to Bogor, or better still to Sukabumi, and then another bus to Pelabuhan Ratu. Finally take an angkot (like a bemo), or an ojek, the last 10 km or so to finally get to Cimaja.

But getting to Cimaja can be easy too. We can arrange a car with a driver to Cimaja from Jakarta. Depending on the traffic, it takes about 5 to 6 hours from Jakarta, or around 4 hours from Bandung to travel to Cimaja.

Please contact us in advance (by phone or email), and we are happy to come to Soekarno-Hatta airport, or anywhere in Jakarta, to pick you up. The cost at present is just Rp 1,000,000 including surfboards.

For our international guests here’s a piece of useful advice: Why not buy an Indonesian SIM card when you arrive in Indonesia, even at the airport? Most convenience stores have them too.

Once you have arrived in Cimaja the easiest way to find our Cimaja Homestay is to remember that it’s near a restaurant (on the main road) called Cimaja Square, which is very close to the Alfamart in Cimaja.

Actually there is a narrow laneway which starts next to Cimaja Square, and then turns right and goes behind the restaurant, and then turns left.

We can help you out with all kinds of advice if you need it. Just ask Yasha, who can organise just about anything!



Travelling Further Afield

For surfers who want to travel further afield there are some great spots like Sawarna, a challenging wave and a beautiful place to visit, a few hours further west. There are a couple of photos of the left at Sawarna on our site.

A few hours further east and south are Turtles, the home of giant marine turtles, and Ombak Tujuh, the renowned big wave spot. These two breaks are both lefts also.

To continue your surfing or travel adventure, head east to Pangandaran or even to Yogya and on to Pacitan. Now this can be quite a long journey, probably several days by bus and train.

Or maybe you want to organise a surf trip to Panaitan Island to the west. Perhaps you just want to head to Bandung or back to Jakarta. We can help organise a driver.